Qualified & Certified

JEEVI is a team of skilled and certified Life coaches, Yoga Practitioners, Dietitians and other professionals working with private & corporate sectors, schools, nursing homes, aged care and disability facilities and communities in Sydney and across Australia.


We strive helping you achieve a positive and holistic wellbeing. Our strategies are evidence based and scientifically proven and the use of those strategies have helped many in the past and we integrate all those strategies for the holistic results, customised as per your goals and Inner Strength Development.

Wide Range of Services

We work with clients across different ages, gender, backgrounds and cultures. We’re proud to support Australian businesses, Schools and many other sectors with Inner Strength Development Program (ISDP), Employee Holistic Wellbeing Program, Workshops and different other services.

Highly Experienced

JEEVI is the sum of a highly experienced team using a wide range of evidence-based practices, plus tested and proven processes tailored to the individual and groups’ needs of our clients.

We Genuinely Care

At JEEVI, we genuinely care with the motto of ‘Prevention is Better than Cure’, we help clients either in their struggle or build their strength to prevent any physical and/or emotional challenge and maximise their life satisfaction.

Fully Registered Life Coaches, Yoga Practitioners and Dietitians in Australia

Our life coaches, advisors/mentors, Yoga Practitioners and Dietitians are fully registered, licensed, and qualified. Each member of our team meets high standards in education, training, supervised practice, ethical and professional standards, and ongoing professional development.


The Benefits Of Our Program

The program includes different therapies as well as meditation and yogas. The studies suggested that mindfulness and the yoga that we help you with would be greatly beneficial to the people from different age groups and backgrounds in the following ways:

People of Different Ages

May increase emotional strength, resilience, promote mindfulness, self-regulation skills, improve memory, boosts immunity, increase self-awareness and self-esteem, improve balance, flexibility and strength of the body, support stress management, increase mental and physical energy and many more.

For Seniors

May assist with supports, stress management, mental health, mindfulness, healthy eating, better self-care, improve strength, balance and flexibility, improved mental wellbeing, increased mental and physical energy, reduce chance of injury, positive impact on relationship (Numerous study show yoga’s benefits also in arthritis, osteopenia, balance issues, oncology, women’s health, chronic pain, and other specialities)

For children

May assist with self regulation, behavior getting more respectful, encourage empathy, self regulation skills, improve strength, body balance and flexibility, increase mindfulness, help recover from any eating disorder, Increased energy levels, Increased physical fitness, Encourages healthy eating, help with self control, increased confidence, awareness and self-esteem, encourages relaxation techniques, reduce chance of injury, positive impact on relationship, improved concentration, goal focus and academic performance, body awareness, improved breathing.

For hospital patients

May assist with assists recovery from mental fatigue, assists ability to cope, enhances positive outlook of life, assists with recovery from stress, illness and injury, improves productivity, improves and restores concentration. We can also help people recover from Trauma, and many other psychological challenges that affects the body as well.