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JEEVI is a Mental Health and Holistic Wellbeing service, offering Inner Strength Development Program, and leads people toward empowerment. Our team consists of Yoga Practitioner, Dietitian and Life coaches who may work with allied health professionals to help and support our clients in assessing and customizing the unique program for them to help them reach their Health, Happiness, Wellbeing and Relationship goals. It’s an exciting and meaningful journey that requires great people who really care about people. We’re looking for passionate individuals to join us as we move into our next stage of growth supporting people from diverse ages, culture, background, and health conditions.

JEEVI offers online as well as on-the-field work to the Yoga practitioners. and online work for Life Coaches and Dietitians. This might be a great chance to earn additional income on top of your current job, or to step into an exciting experience with a great team. JEEVI is committed to providing exceptional service and quality care to our clients.

We’re looking for:

  • Life Coaches
  • Yoga Practitioners
  • Dieticians

We need you to have…

Essential Criteria for all positions:

1.Formal Cover Letter

2.Resume / CV (with at least 2 Professional/Character Reference included)

3.Relevant degrees *Certificates with relevant qualifications, and/or experiences

4.Relevant experience *Certificate of affiliation, membership or registration with any board or association Competency in the tasks as described below for the role

6.Working Permit in Australia

7.Photo ID

Must have or should be willing to have following if their applications are successful: ABN Insurance - Professional Indemnity Insurance - Public Liability

(For Yoga Practitioner: CPR Certificate and Working with Children Check )

Please apply with a cover letter addressing the criteria, and resume directly to: support@jeevi.com.au

Your task will be….


  • Ensuring all placed clients are supported on a one-on-one basis and contacted through online channels, at least weekly.
  • Identify areas where alternative or additional training is required and facilitate this support where appropriate by bringing this to our team meeting. 
  • Tracking all placements and maintaining up to date records;
  • Providing support to not only participants but also their leader appointed by JEEVI to ensure clients maintain sustainable and ongoing program chosen by them, to reach their goals;
  • Liaising with internal as well as external stakeholders to assist clients to maintain their consistent development and growth; 
  • Speaking to groups to promote a healthy mindset and proper approaches, when necessary.
  • Escalating risks or concerns through appropriate channels; and
  • Ensuring JEEVI’s clients, leaders and those we work with, receive exceptional life coaching service and/or feedback at every stage of the process.

JEEVI is an excellent choice for employee wellness programs due to its expertise, customisation, comprehensive approach, technology-driven solutions, and ongoing support. With our help, you can create a healthier and happier workforce that is more engaged, productive, and committed to their work.


  • Organize, Conduct and lead yoga classes for JEEVI’s clients.
  • Visually assess participants to determine their level of practice.
  • Assist students to achieve precise alignment
  • Demonstrate practice and techniques.
  • Possess the ability to move energy through the body.
  • Transform energy during the warm-up, build-up and cool-down stages.
  • Motivate students with words of encouragement.
  • Connect with students during the yoga classes through fun, intelligent sequencing.
  • Offer training recommendations to improve the practice of yoga.
  • Engage in administrative duties such as report writing, assessments, planning and implementing Yoga program, providing feedback on any assessments, and attending team meetings.
  • Speaking to groups to promote healthy meditation and mindfulness habits and benefits of Yoga, when necessary.
  • Identify areas where alternative or additional training is required and facilitate this support where appropriate by bringing this to our team meeting. 


  • Assessing the health goals, dietary needs, preferences, and restrictions of the clients through the online forms.
  • Developing nutrition plans for clients considering their health conditions and goals leading to the improvement of their health condition.
  • Compiling information and tracking client progress towards their health goals.
  • Entering client information database.
  • Keeping informed about the latest discoveries in nutrition.
  • Speaking to groups to promote healthy eating habits and proper nutrition, when necessary.
  • Identify areas where alternative or additional training is required and facilitate this support where appropriate by bringing this to our team meeting. 

What you get in return…

  • Having great team to work with and get supported from
  • Belonging to the JEEVI community
  • Being a part of prospering community
  • Making a great difference
  • Meeting new people from diverse age and backgrounds
  • Learning new skills and/or enhancing existing skills
  • More opportunities of ongoing Personal and professional growth and development

Reporting relationships:

Reports to the Director and Accounts Manager. The Contract Life coach/Yoga Practitioner and Life coach works collaboratively with JEEVI team members including:

  • The administrators and the Client’s support team.
  • JEEVI People & Culture, Finance, Technology, Marketing and Product teams.

Good to know…

This is an exciting and challenging role in the new frontier of Mental and Holistic healthcare, where you will be invited to contribute to a growing organization that is redefining the client’s experience who is keen to approach JEEVI’s Inner Strength Development Program.

What does the Hiring Process look like?

1. Being Shortlisted

If your application is shortlisted (based on the Cover Letter, Resume, and Essential Requirements that you submitted), our HR Team will send you a Confirmation Email to let you know that your application was received, as well as information on the next process that you must complete.

2. Written Interview

This is when you receive an email requiring you to answer sets of questions and submit it back on a due date. This means that you have passed the initial screening and also that you are almost at the end phase of your application. This is important because we will be able to know your thoughts more and you will be able to demonstrate your written communication which will be required on all the posts in the company you applied for. Look out for the email where you will be given instructions on how you will prepare for your panel interview.

3. Panel Interview

You will be sent an invitation to a meeting with information about your Panel Interview. You will be given scenario questions to prepare for at this stage. This is the final and most important phase in your application, so give it your all by demonstrating your exceptional capabilities for the position you applied for. This will be an online interview and it will contain meeting specifics, such as who will be there and what to expect.