Are 100% of your employees receiving the benefits of your health and wellbeing program?

Research shows that as little as 10% of employees actually receive the benefits of a health and wellbeing program. Why? Most employees only seek support when they have an identified issue, often after they are already struggling. The cost of this is significant, with an estimated total of 3.2 days per worker lost each year through workplace stress, as per the Australian Human Rights Commission. Stress-related workers' compensation claims have doubled in recent years, costing over $10 billion annually. A survey of over 5000 workers indicated that 25% of workers took time off each year for stress-related reasons. In relation to psychological injury claims, work pressure accounts for around half of all claims, and harassment and bullying account for around a quarter of claims. Preliminary research also indicates that Australian businesses lose over $6.5 billion each year by failing to provide early intervention/treatment for employees with mental health conditions. The Solution: At JEEVI, we believe in early intervention. By engaging your entire workforce, you can maximize your investment in the Health and Wellbeing Program (HWP) and promote the well-being of every person in your team. Our diverse team ensures that we can address every aspect of your well-being, offering a wide range of expertise to meet your unique needs while accommodating a variety of budgets.

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JEEVI believes that Prevention is better than cure and aims to help people be psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and physically fit

Our Team

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Usha Sagar
Founder, Director and Holistic Transformational Life coach & Wellness Strategist
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Angeline Aguilar
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Andrew Segelov
Registered Counsellor
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Toni Baker
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Mobushra Faisal
Psychotherapist/ Master NLP Practitioner
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Simonetta Togliani
Yoga Practitioner
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Sascha Jones
Life Coach
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Aimee Casahuilca
Yoga Practitioner
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Our Services

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Inner Healing and Empowerment

Virtual Program - Fees: $500
(10% of the Revenue would be donated to the Charity)

Have you experienced childhood trauma, or any other form of trauma? Are you struggling with low self-esteem, facing challenges in your relationships, anxiety issues or dealing with overwhelming life issues?Read more...

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Revitalizing Life: A Journey to a Stronger You

Virtual Program Enroll now for a 10 Weeks Challenge! $200 (10% of the Revenue would be donated to the Charity)

Outcome of the Program: 1) Build Stronger Body 2) Build Stronger Relationships 3) Fostering an Empowered and Resilient Mindset Read More...

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Total Wellness Audit:Your Employee's Comprehensive Well-being in Focus – *Free Assessment

Discover how our obligation-free Total Empowerment Audit helps YOU identify areas for support, fostering a happier and more productive workforce. Read More...

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Transforming Workplace Wellbeing for Maximum Impact - *Free Assessment of your workforce

Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Workforce’ Health and Wellbeing Program: Ensuring 100% Employee Engagement Are 100% of your employees receiving the benefits of your health and wellbeing program?

Research shows that as little as 10% of employees actually receive the benefits of a health and wellbeing program. Why? Read More...

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Family Flourish - Building Strong Family Foundations

Unlock the Secrets to a Harmonious Family Life!

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, our families often face challenges that remain unseen. The journey of domestic and family life can be daunting, filled with unseen struggles, emotional turmoil, and the fear of breakdowns. But what if there was a way to build a resilient and flourishing family foundation?Learn More...

* The free assessment becomes accessible upon commitment to the program through an initial payment of 10% or any other predetermined minimum amount.


Qualified & Certified

JEEVI is a team of skilled and certified Life coaches, Yoga Practitioners, Dietitians and other professionals working with private & corporate sectors, schools, nursing homes, aged care and disability facilities and communities in Sydney and across Australia.


We strive helping you achieve a positive and holistic wellbeing. Our strategies are evidence based and scientifically proven and the use of those strategies have helped many in the past and we integrate all those strategies for the holistic results, customised as per your goals and Inner Strength Development.

Wide Range of Services

We work with clients across different ages, gender, backgrounds and cultures. We’re proud to support Australian businesses, Schools and many other sectors with Inner Strength Development Program (ISDP), Employee Holistic Wellbeing Program, Workshops and different other services.

Highly Experienced

JEEVI is the sum of a highly experienced team using a wide range of evidence-based practices, plus tested and proven processes tailored to the individual and groups’ needs of our clients.

We Genuinely Care

At JEEVI, we genuinely care with the motto of ‘Prevention is Better than Cure’, we help clients either in their struggle or build their strength to prevent any physical and/or emotional challenge and maximise their life satisfaction.

Fully Registered Life Coaches, Yoga Practitioners and Dietitians in Australia

Our life coaches, advisors/mentors, Yoga Practitioners and Dietitians are fully registered, licensed, and qualified. Each member of our team meets high standards in education, training, supervised practice, ethical and professional standards, and ongoing professional development.

Emergency And References

If you or someone you know is in crisis and needs help now, call triple zero (000). You can also call Lifeline on 13 11 14 — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.





Community/Cultural/ Religious Groups

Nursing Homes

Aged Care or Disability Care Facility


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“Implementing JEEVI's Employee Holistic Wellbeing Program has resulted in a noticeable increase in our staff's overall well-being and productivity. It's been a worthwhile investment for our company”

“Our team has never felt better since we integrated JEEVI's program into our well-being initiatives. The holistic approach has resonated deeply with our employees, leading to positive outcomes in both their personal and professional lives”

“The feedback from our employees regarding JEEVI's Wellbeing Program has been overwhelmingly positive. We've seen a significant uplift in team morale and overall job satisfaction”